Instantly parse and investigate raw log files  
All you need is logs. No ingestion, indexing or volume limits.

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Parse and analyse raw or compressed logs in seconds

SpectX makes it quick and easy to get to the bottom of security incidents by analysing logs in unlimited volumes. Instead of ingesting and preparing data, simply point SpectX to your log file storage on-premise or in the cloud. The flexible pattern matching language and powerful query engine make it an incident response tool that replaces manual queries forever.

Product Features

  • Advanced analytics 

  • No pricing by data volume 

  • Install and run queries on-prem and cloud 

  • Read, parse and analyze any flat text files

  • Flexible parser, no regex

  • No data duplication or vendor lock-in

  • REST API for integrating end-user applications

Quick Demo

Analyzing Raw Logs 

Get quickly started with your own logs on-prem and/or in the cloud by defining new datastores in SpectX.  Simultaneously query multiple locations, create graphs and geovisualizations.

More demo videos are available here, including an installation guide and instructions for playing around with some built-in sample data. Discover SpectX.