Instantly analyse raw logs in their current location.
No data preparation. Unlimited volumes.

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Parse and analyse raw or compressed logs in seconds

SpectX makes it quick and easy to analyse any unstructured data in unlimited volumes. Raw log files are not imported into the tool before analysis and stay under your control: on-premise, in the cloud or scattered in different archives. Simply download SpectX to your machine, define the location(s) of your data and run as many queries as you like using SQL or the intuitive SpectX query language.

SpectX' Features

  • Complex analytics for joining datasets, aggregations, descriptive statistics, etc. 

  • No pricing by data volume 

  • Data instantly processed: run queries on data stored on-premise, cloud or web

  • All textual and popular binary formats supported

  • Reliability of data determined

  • No data duplication or vendor lock-in

  • REST API for easy integration of end-user applications

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Analysing Your Raw Logs 

Get quickly started with your own logs on-prem and/or in the cloud by defining new datastores in SpectX.  Simultaneously query multiple locations,  create graphs and geovisualizations.

More demo videos are available here, including an installation guide and instructions for playing around with some built-in sample data.

SpectX Raw Data Analyzer vs Alternatives

Compared to competitors, SpectX' technology innovation enables handling of machine-generated data in its original location rather than loading it into separate tools and databases for processing. This enables analysts to work and experiment with data faster than is possible with existing tools without fear of errors halting their mission.

FeaturesSpectX BaseArcSightSplunkElasticBigQuery
No pricing by data volumeSpectXYESSplunkNoElasticNoBigQueryNoArcSightNo
Instant processing of all customer captured dataSpectXYESSplunkNoElasticNoBigQueryNoArcSightNo
Runtime ETL (flexible schema)SpectXYESSplunkNoElasticYesBigQueryNoArcSightNo
Analyze real-time dataSpectXYESSplunkYesElasticYesBigQueryYesArcSightNo
Analyze historical dataSpectXYESSplunkYesElasticYesBigQueryYesArcSightYes
Distributed processing of data SpectXYESSplunkNoElasticYesBigQueryNoArcSightYes
Linear scalabilitySpectXYESSplunkNoElasticYesBigQueryYesArcSightYes
Flexible deployment (cloud, in-premise) SpectXYESSplunkYesElasticYesBigQueryYesArcSightNo
Visibility to source data reliability SpectXYESSplunkNoElasticNoBigQueryNoArcSightNo
Complex analyticsSpectXYESSplunkNoElasticNoBigQueryNoArcSightYes
Capturing and sharing knowledge (data structure, analytics) SpectXYESSplunkYesElasticYesBigQueryNoArcSightNo
Avoid data duplication and vendor locked dataSpectXYESNoSplunkYesElasticNoBigQueryNoArcSightYes
Active monitoring/alertingSpectXYes/No*SplunkYesElasticYesBigQueryYes/No*ArcSightNo
Log managementSpectXNoSplunkYesElasticYesBigQueryYes/No*ArcSightNo

*- trivial integration needed