Unlock the knowledge in all your data.

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What is SpectX?

SpectX is a powerful analytics platform for processing unlimited amounts of (big) data scattered across different locations. This allows organisations to base their decisions on a wider and deeper knowledge than ever. As SpectX handles data in its original form and location, data can be analyzed with unprecedented speed, simplicity and flexibility.

SpectX' Features

  • Complex analytics for joining datasets, aggregations, descriptive statistics, etc. 

  • No pricing by data volume 

  • Data instantly processed in its original location: in-premise, cloud or web

  • All textual and popular binary formats supported

  • Reliability of data determined

  • No data duplication or vendor lock-in

  • REST API for easy integration of end user applications

Quick Demo

Data enrichment in minutes

SpectX has a number of great built-in features, including fetching data and calculating geoIP. This is how to create a realtime API showing TOR exit nodes in a 30km range from Palo Alto and returning the owners of those IPs. 

SpectX vs Alternatives

Compared to competitors, SpectX' technology innovation enables handling of machine generated data in its original location rather than loading it into separate tools and databases for processing. This enables analysts to work and experiment with data faster than is possible with existing tools without fear of errors halting their mission.

FeaturesSpectX BasicArcSightSplunkElasticBigQuery
No pricing by data volumeSpectXYESSplunkNoElasticNoBigQueryNoArcSightNo
Instant processing of all customer captured dataSpectXYESSplunkNoElasticNoBigQueryNoArcSightNo
Runtime ETL (flexible schema)SpectXYESSplunkNoElasticYesBigQueryNoArcSightNo
Analyze real-time dataSpectXYESSplunkYesElasticYesBigQueryYesArcSightNo
Analyze historical dataSpectXYESSplunkYesElasticYesBigQueryYesArcSightYes
Distributed processing of data SpectXYESSplunkNoElasticYesBigQueryNoArcSightYes
Linear scalabilitySpectXYESSplunkNoElasticYesBigQueryYesArcSightYes
Flexible deployment (cloud, in-premise) SpectXYESSplunkYesElasticYesBigQueryYesArcSightNo
Visibility to source data reliability SpectXYESSplunkNoElasticNoBigQueryNoArcSightNo
Complex analyticsSpectXYESSplunkNoElasticNoBigQueryNoArcSightYes
Capturing and sharing knowledge (data structure, analytics) SpectXYESSplunkYesElasticYesBigQueryNoArcSightNo
Avoid data duplication and vendor locked dataSpectXYESNoSplunkYesElasticNoBigQueryNoArcSightYes
Active monitoring/alertingSpectXYes/No*SplunkYesElasticYesBigQueryYes/No*ArcSightNo
Log managementSpectXNoSplunkYesElasticYesBigQueryYes/No*ArcSightNo

*- trivial integration needed