Instantly parse and investigate raw log files  
All you need is logs. No ingestion, indexing or volume limits.

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Parse and analyse raw or compressed logs in seconds

SpectX is a parser and query engine for analyzing logs across multiple local and remote sources like on-prem log servers, AWS, Azure, Hadoop, Google Storage, Elastic clusters, and traditional databases.  
A powerful security analytics tool, SpectX creates a structured virtual view from log files applying schema on read.  Analysts can run quick sophisticated queries on large unstructured datasets in their current location without indexing.

Feature Highlights

  • Advanced analytics 

  • No pricing by data volume 

  • Quick queries, on-prem and cloud 

  • Read, parse and analyze any flat text files

  • Flexible pattern, no regex

  • No data vendor lock-in

  • REST API for integrating end-user applications