Meet Free SpectX

25 February 2020

To help security analysts analyse raw logs and any ad-hoc data in time-critical investigations, SpectX is glad to launch the free edition of its rapid log analyzer. The parser and query engine help investigators quickly parse and query unlimited volumes of raw data without ingestion or indexing directly from their storages like on-prem servers, AWS, Azure, Hadoop and/or SQL databases.

SpectX saves analysts considerable amounts of time by letting them skip data preparation (ingestion and indexing),  giving instant statistical insights into any text-based log files. Working with volatile or broken data, joining logs in multiple formats from different systems and applications, meddling with custom timestamps and multiple timezones, tackling json containing json with odd key-value-pairs - SpectX helps transform even the most challenging data into a clean virtual table and makes it easy to run queries across long historical periods without any ingestion or indexing. The application can be downloaded and run on any Windows, Linux or OSX desktop machine.

Like in the enterprise edition, the data volumes and the number of data sources in the single-user Desktop edition are unlimited. SpectX Desktop can use up to 4 CPU cores for data processing (vs unlimited cores in the Enterprise edition). Additionally, as SpectX Desktop comes without authentication and authorization features - see the full comparison between SpectX Desktop and Enterprise.

Download SpectX Desktop here and play with your own data or try these sample queries using our public S3 repository and see the documentation for instructions.

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