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SpectX is a powerful log analyzer for running queries on log files in local log servers and remote file storages. Download and install SpectX to your Desktop and connect it to any file storage containing flat text files. SpectX can read and parse data from your local filesystem, on-prem log servers, AWS S3 buckets, Azure, Hadoop, Google Storage. 

SpectX can also query and write back to Elastic clusters and JDBC-databases. The personal, Desktop edition can analyze unlimited volumes of data and is free.

Using SpectX, the raw data is your single source of truth. Instead of ingesting and capturing data into a vendor-locked format, SpectX uses schema on read to create a virtual table from the original log files,  allowing you to run sophisticated queries for deep insights and correlations. No need to wait and find the storage for the data to ingest and index. 

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SpectX Key Features

  • Average data processing performance: 350 MB / sec per CPU core
  • Desktop edition runs on Windows, Linux, Mac
  • Query multiple files and data storages simultaneously
  • Parsing at query runtime, no ingestion, no indexing
  • Supported log formats: text-based logspcapAVRO, rosbag
  • Run queries via the browser UI or API
  • Flexible parsing language, no regex. 
  • Data not matched by the parser detected with each query 
  • Powerful query language 

Viewing Your Logs With SpectX 

1. Download SpectX Desktop
2. Follow these instructions to install it on any Windows, Linux or OSX desktop machine. Or run SpectX in a Docker container.
3. Open SpectX, click on Input Data Browser to navigate to logs stored locally or create a New > Datastore for accessing remote logs. Detailed instructions for running a quick first query are available here
4. Use the SpectX query pack in Github to parse known log formats and run query examples on your data.

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