Unlock the knowledge in all your data. Instantly.


SpectX is a powerful browser-based machine data analytics platform. It is easy to customize for log analysis, incident analysis, ad hoc data analysis, data discovery and data processing automation. SpectX is special because there is no need to import the data for analysis. The data stays where it is (on-prem, cloud or web) in its original format. 

The problem with machine data analytics

Extracting information from machine generated data is hard. Preparing data for analysis is a lot of work that starts with identifying the questions you want to ask from the dataset. The next day it turns out there are questions you didn't think of.  In addition to the excruciating preparation process, the existing tools get discarded for not tackling the traditional big data challenges. High volumes, volatility and distributed storage are all a headache of their own kind. Most often you sooner or later meet the maximum data limit and urgently need an alternative for Splunk, ArcSight, the ElasticStack, etc. Next you might realise the existing data is vendor locked. In the end it seems easier to give up and return to the "good old" grep and awk. Not any more.

Unlimited data volumes

SpectX welcomes unlimited amounts of data you have available in stores, in the cloud or that you can access publicly. Even the most complicated structures and real-time modified data stay in their original location and are instantly processed in raw, original form. There is no need to prepare data for answering the questions you didn't know might come up. Simply perform a query whenever you need using all the data available.

Powerful toolset to solve complex problems

The elegant SQL-like query language and SpectX Pattern Matching Language are easy to learn and allow complex analysis for joining datasets, aggregations, descriptive statistics, correlation analysis and digging into network data. All textual and popular binary formats are supported. What’s more - existing end user applications and existing scripts can easily be integrated with the REST API.

SpectX’ significant speed makes data analytics simple and easy. Parsing mistakes are no longer a bottleneck to diligently avoid. An error occurred? Simply fix the pattern definition in a matter of moments and run the query again, no need to reload the data. Last but not least - saving and passing on analysis methods within an organization is now effortless.

SpectX brings rapid data analytics to areas and volumes not affordable before. Security analysts, data scientists and system administrators are now free to play and instantly get answers to the questions that they come across that very moment.

SpectX main features

  • Complex analytics for joining datasets, aggregations, descriptive statistics, etc.

  • No limitation on the volume of data

  • Data instantly processed in its original location: in-premise, cloud or web 

  • All textual and popular binary formats supported

  • Reliability of data determined

  • No data duplication or vendor lock-in

  •  REST API for easy integration of end user applications