SpectX Log Parser & Analyzer

SpectX is a log analyzer for incident investigation and data exploration. It creates virtual structured views on top raw log files, reading and parsing them from their current file storage. Analysts can instantly dig into large volumes of raw log files/blobs stored in central log servers or archives on-prem or in the cloud.  Even if it's unique data (dumps) seen for the first time, SpectX makes it easy to parse, enrich and join results from multiple sources. A single-user desktop edition of SpectX is free of charge and can be downloaded here

SpectX UI

Flexible Log Parser 

SpectX pattern matching language can flexibly match any data, no regex involved. The underlying parsing engine gives results in seconds instead of hours or even days.  Multiple charsets, various timestamp formats, JSON  - SpectX allows flexibly describing and attaching types to even the most unique and volatile application and system logs. 

No Indexing. No Volume Limits. Unlimited Users

A SpectX installation makes all the raw data files/blobs you have access to, instantly analysable. As there is no ingestion or indexing, there's also no price tag on volumes or the need to plan resources for indexed data. On-prem, cloud, Hadoop clusters, JDBC-databases, production servers, Elastic clusters or anything that speaks http - SpectX gives you a quick virtual view of data stored using these technologies.

Run Any Query via API

In addition to the browser-based interface, every query can be easily executed via the RESTful API. This opens the doors to flexible query automation and enterprise application integration. Users can insert parameters via the API (eg. customer ID or) and get a limited result they're allowed to see. Naturally, SpectX produces logs of its own so all the queries and activities of your users are auditable.

To learn more and see whether SpectX is a fit for your specific use case, grab the Desktop edition to play around with your own data or experiment with log samples in our public S3 buckets.  Full product documentation is available here.